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Thoughtful Life is a 3-d 2-d hybrid film focusing on the idea that grades equal a student's worth. This parental and societal pressure often causes students to abandon their dreams for academics- or even push them to commit suicide if their grades fall.

Our goal for this film is to break that cultural view, bring awareness to this situation, and reassure students going through this that there will always be hope for their dreams. 

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I am submitting the film to the film festivals and some of them don’t allow public publish



Concept Art

The idea for this story is based on real life. Every year in different countries, many of students have been suicide or giving up their lives.

The story is also inspired in real life, not only because of not decide to take away own life but also, it shows how to start dreams and wish to hope to send messages to all students out there who decided to give up from educational pressure.


I was very inspired by the visual style of the animation short films: "Don't Make Me the Mean Mom", "Jinky Jenkins & Lucky Lou" and "Last Shot". Three of films are 3-D films but two of them included part of 2-D texting styles . All three films keep that illustrative style and make the film feel like each image well balanced with 2-D styles together. Another element that all three films have in common is the amazing story lines. For my film, I also tried to achieve well balanced story lines with very unique hybrid style of mix with 3-D and 2-D to match to my story. 

Color Script


To achieve the reflection rendered look of the film, we used two render layers: which of character of main layer but with less lighting control and shadow of full version of character.

To speed up the process, we rendered the characters separate from the background. My cameras were straight forward view and it would much easier to set up compositing for both character and shadow separately.

On the left we see the first image is the background with all rendered(texture/lighting). Since Camera doesn't move around, character and shadow starting point was easy to set up. Most challenge was reflection view looking. Since in Maya, we couldn't get a looking view of reflection through Arnold, we had to separate character and shadow to compositing. 


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