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8th Shore_Project

BolaBots is a light, 5-vs-5 players game of capture the flag on Steam.

The game is inspired by the schoolyard games of tag, but now with bolas and traps. 

Players play as unique and charming robots in the fight for territory, using bolas and traps to capture and disable enemy players.

Players will earn or purchase currency to allow them to upgrade their robots and allies, and bring their own personal visual

and gameplay style to the battleground. 

All Animation+Trailer done by Jaewook Kim

BolaBots Story

The master of the ocean and the ruler of the sky joined forces to create a utopia, a new world in which the 2 kingdoms would share resources and live together. 

However, there could only be one ruler for this new world. The way to decide who will be the ruler is to send the best BolaBots representing their kingdom in a fight to steal the others' power source and shut down the machine that coverts other elements to their own. This will prove that your king is worthy to ruler the new world. 

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